Toastmasters - internationaal publiek voor jouw speech
19 oktober 2016 

Toastmasters - internationaal publiek voor jouw speech

Ben jij bekend met Toastmasters? Het is een club van mensen die hun spreekvaardigheid voor een publiek willen verbeteren. Ze willen met hun speech hun publiek inspireren, informeren, vermaken en ook zaken uitleggen.

In de club waar Erik en ik in zitten heet de ‘Amsterdam Early Bird Toastmasters Club‘ en hier wordt alleen Engels gesproken. In de club zitten veel expats vanuit de hele wereld en het is daarmee een divers gezelschap. We komen een keer in de twee weken bij elkaar. Per sessie worden drie voorbereide speeches gegeven. Je krijgt als spreker na jouw speech van een evaluator constructieve feedback.

Deze keer was het mijn beurt om een speech te geven. Heel spannend en leerzaam. Dat maakt het ontzettend leuk om te doen. Ik had mijn speech al een week van te voren klaar en het mij eigen maken nam de andere week.

Hieronder vind je mijn speech om je een idee te geven hoe een speech kan zijn:

Question 1: Who likes to hear a good joke?

Question 2: Who can tell a great joke?

Why these questions? Well, I will tell you by the quote of Brendon Bruchard, a motivational speaker I admire very much. His quote: ‘Did I live, did I love and did I matter today’? inspires me every day.

First, did I live? This morning, mwah… Just kidding ☺ Yes, every day I want to live. How about you? What is living for me? To get the most out of the day, experience new things, being in a flow, do the things I love and of course laugh a lot. Telling jokes, making people happy, brighten up their day like an entertainer or a clown.

Have you ever seen the short movie ‘Validation’? It is about a man who works in a parking lot and validates parking tickets.

His customers looked all down, weary and in a hurry. By giving them a compliment they became a little bit taller and they started to smile. After a while many people wanted to park their car in his parking lot and wanted to be validated by him. He became very successful and his boss fired him because of his popularity and the created queues because of that.

He decided to become a photographer and took pictures of people who hardly smile or cheered them up in another way. To make a long story short, he made people feeling alive.

That’s the way I want to live to the max. Be happy, no matter what they say!

Second, did I love? Yes, yes, yes!! Just kidding ☺ I have a beautiful husband, great and intelligent kids, lovely friends and a warm relationship with my family. I make sure that every day I let them know that I love them. By kissing, hugging, telling or simply send a What’s app with the appropriate smiley’s, hearts and food icons.

Of course sometimes I quarrel with a loved one. We smash things, shout or I give hem or her the silent treatment. However, it is essential to make up at the end of the day or when the other is leaving.

I saw a TED talk once on youtube of Benjamin Zander, a conductor and a great pianist. He told a story of a woman who went to a concentration camp. Before she was deported and luckily she survived, she had a quarrel with her little brother about putting on his shoes. They argued and he went away, slamming the door behind him. Than the Germans came, took her and she saw her brother never again. She felt her whole life sorry and quilty for not making up. Life is too short…

‘And now’, as Monty Python used to say, ‘something completely different’. Who or what do you love? Your girlfriend? Your son? Your cat? Or just laying in your bed the whole day long?

Last, but certainly not least, did I matter? That’s for u to decide with this speech. I want to make a difference in this world. How can I make this world better, more successful, greener and long lasting.

Nowadays we have to cope with many challenges: Brexit, Trump, IS, unemployment, discri-mination, pollution and so on. Yes, we will have the resilience to survive and come out of it stronger. That is my belief!

What is my contribution to all this? I help people and organisations to become more resilient by creating better relationships. Because your resilience and impact in your world are determined by your relationships. By communicating better, by loving more, by being more thankful and by laughing all the time!

Find the clown in you and laugh, laugh, laugh…. Hahahahahahahaha

Yes I do matter, love and live today ☺!

Wij vinden het belangrijk ons te ontwikkelen, mensen te inspireren en waar men wil te helpen in hun veerkracht en het vergroten van hun impact. Waarschijnlijk net als alle coaches…

Door welke zin wordt jij het meest aangetrokken? Willen leven, lief willen hebben of ertoe willen doen? We lezen graag jouw antwoord hieronder…

P.S. Als je een keertje wil komen kijken of meer wilt weten, neem dat contact met ons op.


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